What Sets Us Apart?

Investing in energy solutions takes time and planning.  That’s why it’s important to partner with a firm that you can trust – a firm that provides expert advice to help you make the right decision for your facility.  At ECS Energy our team consists of experts in all aspects of energy development – technical and engineering, finance and incentive  programs, and ongoing operations and maintenance.

Solar Power

The team at ECS Energy has decades of combined experience in developing and implementing solar power in over a dozen states – in fact it’s where we got our start.  We’re the experts that utilities, engineering firms, developers, financiers, and others turn to when facing challenging situations.

ECS Energy has substantial experience in all aspects of solar project development including engineering, project management, installation and financing. The ECS Energy team includes two NABCEP-certified solar installers and is responsible for the development of greater than 50MW of solar installations in the United States.

Our solar expertise set us aparts.  Be sure to ask us about some of our more challenging projects:

  • Nuclear Facility Experience
  • Development and Design Over Open Water
  • Innovative Roofing Design
  • High Wind Zone Experience
  • Landfill Solar Projects
  • Super Storm Sandy Loss Investigations for Utility

Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, and Emergency Generation

ECS Energy provides energy efficiency solutions that can literally change the way an organization thinks about their energy usage.  Our solutions allow buildings to “think for themselves” and become grid interactive by adjusting loads automatically to reduce demand charges and energy waste.

Our team has relationships with the top equipment and solution providers in the energy efficiency industry including demand response monitoring, LED and smart lighting systems, emergency generation, and solar thermal heating solutions.

Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP)

Chances are that your organization expends significant resources heating your building or providing process steam or cooling for operations.  Now imagine if your facility could combine heating, cooling, and electricity generation to extend those resources.  ECS Energy’s combined cooling, heat and power solutions do just that – provide our clients with the ability to generate cooling, heat and power onsite from the same fuel source.

ECS Energy and our equipment partners are experienced in providing new packaged CCHP trigeneration systems that generate electricity to run your facility and produce thermal energy to supply heating, steam, hot water, and chilled water.  These systems also contain backup generation equipment.  We also provide solutions to retrofit abandoned cogeneration systems that may already be present but non-operational at your facility.