ZaGO Manufacturing Recognized for 20 Years of Success and Investment in Its Future

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ZaGO Manufacturing Recognized for 20 Years of Success and Investment in Its Future | July 14, 2013

ECS client ZaGO Manufacturing was recently honored by state and local officials at an event to celebrate its 20th anniversary, as well as its significant investment in its facility to increase its global competitiveness.

Story in Newsday:

Newark, New Jersey (July 12, 2013): ZaGO Manufacturing, known worldwide for being a quality manufacturer of sealing products, recently had a 50-kilowatt solar system installed at their headquarters and manufacturing operations in Newark, NJ.  When state and local leaders heard of ZaGO’s investment in their facility, as well as their twenty years of success, they organized a celebration at the Rutgers Business School to honor ZaGO as a leader in the business community.

ZAGO With Mayor Booker and ECS EnergyThis June 25th event was particularly timely since the Brookings Institution recently released a report, “Newark’s Manufacturing Competitiveness”, that included the importance of resource efficiency, as well as supply chain sustainability.   ZaGO was recognized as a success story for manufacturing at this event with Newark Mayor Cory Booker praising their longevity and investment in their business by saying, “This is a cavalcade of wins evidenced in one extraordinary company.”

“In order to maintain our high quality standards for our products, we made the long-term decision to manufacture all our products here rather than to outsource.  Since we are here in Newark for the long run, we are committed to investing in our facility and decided to go solar.   Our products are now proudly manufactured with renewable energy,” explained Gail Friedberg, Vice President of ZaGO.

“To continue to keep our high quality products cost competitive, we investigated ways to curb our expenses, and electricity was a logical choice to consider,” added Harvey Rottenstrich, President of ZaGO.  “Being energy independent is important to us.  This decision not only lowers our operating costs, it reduces the risk from the volatility of future electric prices.  By having a long-term plan, our customers have told us they appreciate having a stable partner like ZaGO who is investing this way.”

ZaGO was praised at this celebration with speeches by Mayor Cory Booker; Dr. Glenn Shafer, Dean of the Rutgers Business School; Dr. Lei Lei, Chair of the Rutgers Supply Chain Management and Marketing Services Department; Jerry Creighton, Executive Director, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Enterprise Development Center; Chip Hallock, President & CEO, Newark Regional Business Partnership; and Lyneir Richardson, CEO, Brick City Development Corporation.  ZaGO was also presented with an aerial photo of their solar-powered facility by Pete Ramsey, Executive Vice President of ECS Energy.  As he discussed how the solar system helps keep ZaGO competitive in the global economy, Ramsey added, “We hope other businesses are inspired by their example.”

ZaGO is a leading manufacturing company specializing in crafting high quality sealing products including self-sealing fasteners, switch boots, and switch seals. The company was launched in 1993 and is based in Newark, New Jersey. The company proudly manufactures all of its sealing products in the USA and makes daily shipments throughout North America, Central America, South America, Europe and Asia.